my ability to connect the dots has only ever worked to my detriment

ignorance is bliss — so why do i insist on opening the blinds each time?

to let myself see, knowing the lights are too bright

but i cant help but need to know

curiosity killed the cat, can’t you see?

here my body lays on the road



i need to express



let everything that goes on in my mind out

so many thoughts i think

so many thoughts think me

god they fucking scream

the words can’t escape the hold — my tongue chokes on all of them

tight and tense it’s grasp on me

suffucating the air out of my lungs

waiting for my death to come, I ponder;

all my life i’ve only been met by silence from everyone I love

i ask why, a reply i don’t often get

being told who I am by people who didn’t take the time to get to know me

so can you blaming for needing to know your pathology?

please open up and tell me

i can’t stand the silence

why is it all i can give?