2 min readAug 16, 2023


for all the words you say, you leave a dozen unspoken

you say you love me, and i don’t doubt it, but I wonder to what extent love is enough

you push, then pull, then push again

passing judgment with self-effacing remarks, claiming to be unsatisfied yet you stay, ungodly still

I’ve called it for what it is before i let you know me

but now that you’ve seen everything, i can’t seem to see you for you

love is blind and blind I am

closing my eyes, wishing to see

oh to remember me before I met you

you know that most times i’m forgetful

and we both know you’ve taken advantage of that more times then i can remember

come to think of it, most times the thoughts don’t need to escape, god knows i lay my armor down and set every single negative thought free if it means being next to you

to let everything that bothers me live elsewhere

it’s easier not confronting when i know I won’t get the answers i need

to remember me before i met you

sometimes i want to throw it all away

that’s when i’m angry

not at you, at myself

letting you consume me to the point that i melt

i hate that i change my mind each time i see your face and your smile

i hate that every time you do something sweet i erase all that you’ve ever done to hurt me

and yesterday when i needed you to show me something i let my heart get the best of me