1 min readJul 25, 2022


The Type of Love I Wish I Could Pack up and Put in a Jar

I think about the way love rolls off my tongue with ease and how sometimes the words just spill out of me.


I contemplate how those words haven’t lost a single ounce of meaning since the star filled march night when they first came from me.

I think about how we slow dance in the shower and how I can’t keep my hands off you in grocery aisles.

I think about how when you listen I feel heard and how when you kiss me you become the entire world.

I think about how when I saw you walking towards me at the airport, I felt my entire heart drop into my knees. I couldn’t believe the boy I loved so much was finally in front of me.

Baby you’re in my heart– engraved with blue inked pen

I love you so much i think i’ll bend

You’ve shown me new ways to feel alive

Like looking at your milky brown eyes or your contagious smile

loving you day in an day out and i don’t want to go a day without

Thank you for all that you do, and for all that you’ve done.